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Founded in 1990 by Tom Petranoff, two- time Javelin World Recordholder, our innovative and fun Turbojavs have been selling all over the world and used in high schools, federations, Special Olympics, Junior Olympics, track and field clubs and by javelin throwers of all kinds of levels with great success. 

Everyone can use any of our Turbojavs.

1.Youth Sports: The Turbojav is an official event in Junior Olympics and AAU. Regulations for each age group are as follows; 300g - Sub Bantam and Midget (USA Track and Field )

2.Special Olympics International: Turbojav is an official event in Special Olympics around the world. Athletes participating in the Special Olympics ages 15 and under use the 300g Turbojav.

3. Elite Athletes: Many collegiate and professional athletes use Turbojavs to practice and train with. They allow athletes to throw both indoors and outdoors safely and take less strain on the arm.

4. Recreational – Festivals / Camps

• TurboJav throw is the highlight of recreational programs

• All ages love to be active

• Festival programs allow family members to come forward and be a part of the fun activities

• Programs are organized in various places: parks, adventure parks, beaches, summer camps



- Target (Target, garbage can, basketball net, 

- Run, Jump, Throw

- TurboGolf

- Relay game

Throwing Zone throwing programs are for all age groups and all abilities, Abled, Disabled or Special Olympics. The bases of our programs teach basic skill levels while having fun in a safe environment. . TurboJav Mini Javelin throw games (the best training for kids) is designed for both the beginning and advanced thrower and its focus is to teach the specific skills and drills needed to be a successful athlete in any throwing event. In addition, each athlete learns about how to train and develop core strength, body awareness, weak side-strong side and center of gravity leverage. 

Why use the Turbojav/Turbojavelins

-It is equivalent to the real javelin (fly’s the same distance)

-It will improve your accuracy and distance

-Safe for all ages and abilities and easy to transport

-Very resistant and resilient with a great design and a variety of vibrant colors

-It’s affordable compared to real javelins

-You can use it indoors as well as outdoors, all-year round and it’s a fun product for young and old

- It is currently being used in high schools, track and field clubs, Special Olympics, Jr. Olympics, Colleges all over the world.

-replaceable parts in case it breaks

Throwing Zone 

was established to provide coaches and throwers of all throwing disciplines the technology and high quality equipment necessary to enhance their training and performance. Throwing in the zone is a spiritual and physical experience. Throwing in the zone is achieved when your training, your mind, your body, and sole come together in an effortless power of motion and energy that produces that perfect throw! I have been fortunate enough to have experienced throwing in the zone on many occasions but the one I remember the most was my world record throw of 327 feet 2 inches on may 15th 1983.

The Turbojav was originally designed in 1991 and has since progressed with 6 different models to where we are today. The original purpose of the Turbojav was to provide a safe training implement to teach children of all ages the basics of the javelin throw. Tom then experienced along the way that the Turbojav teaches more that just javelin throwers. It teaches throwers of every discipline the correct technique that is associated with leverage, center of gravity and the correct motor memory to throw any implement correctly.  The Turbojav has been aerodynamically designed by Tom Petranoff and an engineer that designs missiles for one of the largest missile making companies in the world. After extensive research and development, Throwing Zone is proud to present you with the finest product possible.

A Polyethylene plastic Javelin with a soft rubber nose available in 300g, 400g, 500g, 600g, 700g, and 800g. Created with an engineer to emulate the real javelin, the Turbojav is sturdy and durable as well as safe and affordable. Unlike the real javelin the Turbojav can be thrown both indoors and outdoors. They come in a variety of vibrants colors and can be un assembled for easy transport.


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