How to throw the Turbojav

1. The Turbo Jav should always be held with the point facing forward and the tail section behind you. Place both feet squarely on the ground about shoulder width apart with your toes facing inward. Your entire body should be facing forward. The TurboJav should be held at head height and parallel to the ground. It should be directly beside your eye. Your non throwing arm should be pointing in the direction of the throw.

2. Keeping the Turbo Jav level and the point facing forward, the throwing arm is extended back. The opposite arm is pointed in the direction of the throw. The non throwing arm starts to pull into the rib cage which initiates the right shoulder to rotate and start the throw.


3. In a smooth, continuous motion, the TurboJav is pulled forward and thrown over the shoulder….This is very important! If you do not throw over your shoulder, but instead throw in a rotational arc around your shoulder and body you will experience bad flights and short distances. Try to get the Turbo Jav to glide like a paper airplane and take easy throws at first to get the feel for throwing with the shoulder.


4. After the throw…the follow through is the most important factor for success in throwing with good mechanics. Stopping your motion short at the throw without continuing your momentum over your blocking leg will make it hard to achieve good flight and distance. Like a swing of the bat or golf club, acceleration must continue forward beyond the throw for at least a step or two.

The grip

The carry


The drawback

The pull

Follow through

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