Turboshot / Hammer / Med ball

Turboshot is a Polyethylene Shot Put with liquid filling available in 4 Pounds or 2 kilos.  The Turboshot is sturdy, durable, safe and durable. It can be thrown both indoors and outdoors. Turboshot comes with a special UNI-GRIP printed hand that shows proper positioning of fingertips (right and left hand). We use USA colors in a combination of blue/red vibrant colors. They are made with durable rubber with Sharkskin grip  non-surface marking materials. The Turboshot weights 2kg, and the Turbohammer weights aprox. 2.5kg.


Turboshot was developed by former world record holder, Tom Petranoff.for many uses besides Turboshot. It is a throwing implement designed to develop correct throwing technique and mechanics for baseball, softball, football, cricket and many more sports  Turbo-ball  teaches the basic fundamentals and mechanics associated with finding your stroke and doing the volume of drills to get the weak side and strong side balanced.  The Turbo-ball has been designed to teach beginner throwers fundamentals in a safe and fun environment.


Our Shot/Hammer/Med ball/Discus Games are designed to be used for distance throwing and target throwing.  The hammer net and discus nets are custom made for durability and safe usage. Check our website in next two weeks we will have all products ready to ship.


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