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More than 4 decades of javelin throw, two world records, numerous world, African, Panamerican Games and national titles speak for themselves. I offer the most developed coaching program for throwers of any level, from basic, to professional. Coaching can be done locally as well as virtual. I have been coaching throwers from all over the world with great success. Training does not only include getting the body ready for far throws, but the mind as well. Mental training is very important to perform well when it matters.



Training programs:

- Setting up training programs for throwers of any level. Training includes short-term, mid-term and long-term plans. We have developed in depth strength, technic and overall conditioning programs. 


Analysis of videos

- Send us your videos for complete analysis and recommendations. We have experience doing video analysis and can setup video conferences to discuss your current technical level and help you understand the event to help you improve as well as correct your errors.


Training camps

- Come to California! We offer training camps from few days to weeks that will help you get ready to perform. Training camps include setting up training plans, video analysis, and overall technical and conditioning activities.



Turbojav/Javelin camps in the USA and Europe

- We can also visit you in your country. We are currently setting up Javelin Clinics for Summer 2017 in the USA, Sweden, Germany Greece. More information soon.


Coaching and mentoring

- After having been in the javelin world for 38 years, we offer coaching and mentoring advise to throwers of all ages and levels.




I used this system for 17 years and was injury free. If your serious about improving your throwing you must find a plan that works and makes sense. Athletes need to focus training on skills, balance, power, flexibility and throwing in doses. Our program will show your athletes what they are strength and weaknesses are Then we access and set up training program.  We want to fix the weakness and maintain strengths.  Weak side throwing is the most important fix to immediately see how little coordination you have throwing weak side. There is so much to learn from weak side training and throwing that transfers over to strong side throwing letting the throw come to you. You will need 3 months of tests to see the changes major changes that will take place. . You need a plan to get results and we have that plan. 


We also have plans for 

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Basic Video Analysis

Have your javelin throw technique analyzed by Tom Petranoff.

Send Tom video of your throws and get Tom’s analysis

along with Skype consultation

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Tom Petranoff is a former world record holder in the javelin throw; his May 1983 effort was greater than the length of an entire football field at 99.72 meters (327’2″). Petranoff’s world record added precisely three meters to the previous global standard. Petranoff’s effort fueled further discussion and speculation regarding the likelihood of alterations to the javelin’s design and flight characteristics.
He also did well with the new design; his personal best of 89.16, thrown at Potchefstroom, South Africa on March 1, 1991, was at the time the second best ever, behind only Steve Backley’s world record of 89.58, and as of 2009 has still only been exceeded by 12 throwers.Petranoff is the inventor of the TurboJav, a series of training and youth competition products.


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